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Last week I was detailed on Protocol duty to the Director of our Regional Office. He is French, but based in New Delhi and since he was visiting Bhutan for the first time, I wanted to give him the Bhutanese experience. Naturally a hike to Taktsang was planned.

Myself with Mr. Eric Falt, who is also an avid photographer. He is also interested in capturing the different emotions in people.


Taktsang Monastery in all it’s glory. Trying to capture most of the cliff.

Lower Pachhu at Shaba. Dry landscape.

Two schoolgirls compare notes in preparation for their Board exams.

Weeping willows beside Pachhu.

A woman nods at us taking her photograph. She gave us a big grin.

A small prayer wheel at Taktsang Base.

A horse-guide smiles at us at the midway.

And a foal rests at the base of Taktsang trail.

Eric and Christian pose for me.

The waterfall …and me and Eric.

Two girls join us in our visit inside the temples. This is their first visit here.

An elderly lady makes her way across the footbridge, having braved 2 hours climb to the Temple

These three sisters visited Taktsang with their mother and grandmother.

His pose was unusual. Afterwards we had a hearty laugh.

Photographs courtesy of Eric Falt, UNESCO New Delhi

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