Happy Birthday

Dear 💞Mentsuen,

The first time I saw you, I was afraid to hold you. Because I didn’t know how to. 💕You see, I had never held a newborn before. But the realization that you were my daughter gave me the courage to take that leap of faith.
I held you, dearly.💓 But my attention was not fully on you. You see, I was still waiting to see your mother out of the OT.💟 Tears! Of joy on your birth. Of fear for your mother’s pain.

But! Everything became alrite. Friends and 💝family gathered to celebrate your birth. And you grew.

Sitting, crawling, teeting, shitting, and finally ‘Da-da-ing’ to me.
I am sorry that I can’t give my full attention to you, but I do love💗 Buchung too, 💘so I gotta divide it by three.

So you see, you brought life back to my life. But you gotta understand that your💖 mom has her hands full with you and Buchung, that’s why she can’t reach everywhere. You gotta learn to be with Da-da too.💞 Anyways, on your 1st birthday, please forgive me for not being with you. I will make it up in a grand way later on.

Happy Birthday girl🎂,
Sing me a melody,
And dance me a song,

With lots of ‍💗&💋,

Mentsuen Tandin Lhaden

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