I brand my photographs under Urka.Bangkla Photography. Urka means ‘a common criminal in Russia’. And Bangla stands for the Bengali language, or someone from Bangladesh. I am neither. I am a blogger from Bhutan. 

Urka Bangla is a variety of capsicum annuum available only in Trashiyangtse in Eastern Bhutan and is well-known for its unique taste and look. So do I aspire to be. As a blogger. But why the name ‘Urka Bangla’? I want to use it and brand it since it is unique only to Trashiyangtse. It is a priced variety of chilli, valued for its unique taste and use in the local cuisine of ’ema-datshi’ in Bhutan. A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without a taste of ema-datshi.

So the following are few photographs from my collection.

Flowers of Bumthangl

Bumthang Excursion Photographs

Random Photography