CV correction and the resulting dilemma….

My CV in RCSC’s CSIS has me as working in Orong Lower Secondary School from 2008-2012, while in actuality I was serving in Orong Higher Secondary School during the same duration. So last week I went to the Bumthang dzongkhag HRO’s office to make the necessary changes.

There I was asked to produce a ‘Joining Report’ of that time from the Dzongkhag administration of Samdrup Jongkhar. I went in search of the aforementioned document from my Personal File, where a copy is supposed to be filed. But to my astonishment, there wasn’t a copy. Incidentally I went through my Service Book, but there wasn’t a record of my joining in Orong HSS. I have a copy of my LPC and a Transfer Order from the Chief HRO which clearly states that I joined to Orong HSS.

The interesting fact is the Personal File (with the Service Book) is supposed to be maintained in the HROs office. We may be allowed a glimpse inside it, but we are not allowed to fiddle with the documents inside. An updating of the office orders, especially on promotions and transfers, are to be done by the HROs office, while the Service Book is updated manually under the seal of the HRO.

Then I decided to act on my own. I had a friend check my previous school, Orong HSS, for a copy of the joining report. I also asked him to check the files in the Dzongkhag Education sector of Samdrup Jongkhar. Both turned blank. The only evidence of me joining in Orong HSS was my hand-written joining report which I had submitted to my principal dated 6th March 2008.

With lots of questions running in my mind, I clicked ‘Yes’ on the Confirmation of correct CV. I don’t know whether I will be penalized if they find my CV wrong. I don’t know whether this ‘Lower’ instead of ‘Higher’ will affect my promotion or increment, but I do know this, if it does happen, I won’t hesitate to bring out the ‘negligence of duty’ by the concerned persons.

[Screenshot of the CSIS interface]

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