Of Leadership roles

What kind of leadership do you aspire to provide in your organization that could contribute to Bhutan becoming a truly GNH country?

Leadership is a position with power and responsibilities; power to make things happen, responsible to those who are affected by your decisions, especially those who work with you.

Literature has


How I met your mother


Mentsuen Darling,

It’s been a long time since I was able to continue with the story of how I met your mother. I was a bit caught up with The Laptop Saga trilogy, of which I completed two episodes. And its concluding episode is still in pipeline, and the whole story


Not your typical Love songs

Last Sunday, I took off from home to partake in the International Youth Day 2018 celebrations at Coronation Park, where Youth Caring Community (YCC) in collaboration with Nazhoen Lamtoen, was organizing the first ever National Youth Awards. It was a lazy Sunday for me and I had time to kill.